Durga Mata is the incarnation of the Divine Mother of the universe. She is the eternal warrior figure, born to destroy the demon, Mahisasura who unleashed his terror upon the world. ‘Maa Durga’ is the embodiment of feminine power. She is also referred to as the eternal ‘Shakti’. ‘Durga Maa’ is depicted as a fierce woman with a radiant smile, several arms and mounted on a lion. She slaughters all demons, but is compassionate towards the innocent and her devotees. ‘Devi Durga’ is invincible and her radiating power is feared even by the Gods. ‘Durga Maa’ is popularly worshipped during ‘Navaratri’ and Durga Puja. It is believed, worshipping Durga, protects the devotees from all miseries and evils. Mother Durga has 108 names and is worshipped in many forms. Read on to know about the different forms of Durga. READ STORY HERE:


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