On the eve of Dashami and Dussehra I extend my warm greetings to all my well-wishers. May this Durga Puja brings happiness to you and fill your life with joy and prosperity. Dashami is the last day of Durga Puja, when a tearful farewell is offered to the deity. In Bengal, Goddess Durga is worshipped in the form of Aparajita on the day. It is followed by Maha Arati which marks the end of the important rituals and prayers during Durga Puja.
After a shital bhog of Panta Vat, Kochur Sak and Ilis Machvaja, the purohit perfoms the Bisarjan Puja. In this ritual the Devi, who had been invoked in the Navapatrika and divinized idol, is entreated to return to her celestial abode. This is followed by Prasasthi Vandana. In Darpan, a mirror is placed in front of the deity and devotees look into the mirror to see the deity’s feet. The mirror is symbolic in the sense that whenever there is a ritual bathing of Goddess Durga, it is the reflection on the mirror that is bathed and not the original Deity.
Devi Boron is the final sending off of Uma by the married womenfolk of the locality. The ladies perform Aarti of Goddess Durga and smear Her with vermillion(sindoor) and offer sweets(mishti), beetle-leaf(paan). Then all the married women paint each other with vermilion (sindoor) and share sweets.
After Boron, the Devi is brought out of the house,and readied for departure to the Ganga for immersion. This process is called Visarjan, wherein a grand send-off is arranged by the devotees. Before the immersion of idol the last aarti for this year is performed on the bank of the river. She is immersed with great care by some persons who take her into the water.
A unique ritual on the day is the Vijaya ceremony. People embrace each other and forgive and forget past offenses and promise a new beginning and the juniors touch the feet of the seniors seeking for blessing.

Thank You.

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